Year 5 Registration 2020-2021

Please fill out this form to register and secure your place on the courses of your choice and we will contact you promptly to confirm your registration and arrange your booking fees which can be paid by bank transfer or by cheque. If you have more than one child then please complete one full registration per child.

Personal Details

courses to book

Please select the classes you wish your child to be included in from the dropdown options below.

Phase 1
Fee: £200 + £60.00 deposit
AM - 10.30am - 13.00pm or
PM - 14.00pm - 16.30pm
07th Nov 2020
14th Nov 2020
21st Nov 2020
28th Nov 2020
05th Dec 2020
12th Dec 2020
Phase 2
Fee: £200 + £60.00 deposit
AM - 10.30am - 13.00pm or
PM - 14.00pm - 16.30pm
09th Jan 2021
16th Jan 2021
23rd Jan 2021
30th Jan 2021
06th Feb 2021

Phase 3
Fee: £200 + £60.00 deposit
AM - 10.30am - 13.00pm or
PM - 14.00pm - 16.30pm
27th Feb 2021
06th Mar 2021
13th Mar 2021
20th Mar 2021
27th Mar 2021

Phase 4A
Two-Day Assessment
Fee: £250 + £60.00 deposit
All Day
10.00am - 17.00pm
07th - 08th April 2021
14th - 15th April 2021

Phase 4B
Mock Tests
Fee: £60 or £100 for both
Half Day
10.30am - 13.00pm
2nd June 2021 and/or
3rd June 2021

Phase 5
Fee: £200 + £60.00 deposit
AM - 10.30am - 13.00pm or
PM - 14.00pm - 16.30pm
24th April 2021
01st May 2021
08th May 2021
15th May 2021
22nd May 2021

Phase 6
Fee: £250 + £60.00 deposit
AM - 10.30am - 13.00pm or
PM - 14.00pm - 16.30pm
12th June 2021
19th June 2021
26th June 2021
03rd July 2021
10th July 2021
17th July 2021
Phase 7
Five-Day Summer School
Fee: £500 + £85.00 deposit
All Day
10.00am - 17.00pm
26th - 30th July 2021
02nd - 06th Aug 2021
09th - 13th Aug 2021
16th - 20th Aug 2021

Phase 8
Fee: £230 + £60.00 deposit
AM - 09.45am - 13.00pm or
PM - 14.00pm - 17.15pm
25th Aug 2021
26th Aug 2021
28th Aug 2021
04th Sept 2021

Dates could be subject to change to accommodate the dates of the 11+

health & safety

Specific needs, concerns or medical conditions that we should know about.


NB: £200.00 discount applied if all courses paid in full in advance of Phase 1. Total = £2635.00 (includes phase 4B) Total with discount = £2435.00

A deposit of £60 for each phase of the course (£85.00 for phase 7; full payment for Phase 4B) will secure your child’s place.

The remaining balance must reach us two weeks before the commencement of each phase. The deposits required to secure your child’s place on the course are non-refundable unless, for some unforeseen circumstance, the course fails to take place.

I will pay by bank Bacs...
Account Number: 20402931
Sort Code: 20-40-71
Quote Ref: Phase and child’s name

Payment Reference

So that we can match your payment to your order, please indicate the date you intend to make your payment.
Also when making a payment by BACS or by cheque you must reference the initial and Surname of the child and the relevant phase: i.e. J Smith - Phase 5. This can be done via the bank payment reference of a covering note enclosed with your cheque.


I consent to Headstart Education holding onto my data, it will remain private and will not be shared with any other organisation or third party.

Image Usage

I consent to Headstart Education taking photographs of their pupils and classes, including those of my children, while attending Headstart Education courses, for the purposes a marketing and promotion of the Headstart Education Courses within the public domain and for no other reason.

One Last Thing

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