Course Timetable & Dates 2019-2020

The eight elements of the course constitute a thorough, structured and well balanced programme. All our courses are run from the same venue: St. Peter’s Church Halls, Loudwater HP10 9QL. If you have any queries or would like to know more about the individual phases of the course and what we can offer, please do not hesitate to contact Gillian Gray (Course Director) on 01494 452 025 or email

Phase 1
£200 Per Course
(Plus £60.00 deposit)
AM - 10.30am - 13.00pm or
PM - 14.00am - 16.30pm
09th Nov 2019
16th Nov 2019
23rd Nov 2019
30th Nov 2019
07th Dec 2019

Phase 1 - Introductory

This first phase of eight fundamental stepping-stones will take the form of a gradual introduction that will ease your child in gently to the Head Start course programme.

This phase is the essential “getting to know you” phase. It is an opportunity for the staff at Head Start to get to know the character of your child and their specific learning requirements.

Equally we believe that it is very important that your child has the chance get to know us and to familiarise him/herself with the surroundings and course ethics.

Phase 2
£200 Per Course
(Plus £60.00 deposit)
AM - 10.30am - 13.00pm or
PM - 14.00am - 16.30pm
11th Jan 2020
18th Jan 2020
25th Jan 2020
01st Feb 2020
08th Feb 2020

Phase 2 - Preparatory

An essential Head Start phase, the preparatory phase gives your child the necessary educational stimulation at this time to set him/her up for the forthcoming years’ demands.

It provides the preparation and focus on the Key 11+ elements (Verbal reasoning, Numerical reasoning & Non-verbal reasoning*) as well as additional focus on the concentration skills and mental agilities so important for multiple choice-type questions.

Phase 3
£200 Per Course
(Plus £60.00 deposit)
AM - 10.30am - 13.00pm or
PM - 14.00am - 16.30pm
29th Feb 2020
07th Mar 2020
14th Mar 2020
21st Mar 2020
28th Mar 2020

Phase 3 - Foundation

This phase is designed so that the basic knowledge that has been gained on the preparatory phase can now be implemented directly to the 11+ format and to give your child the opportunity to follow up at home, the ideas presented. These sessions are designed to familiarize your child further to the essential elements of the 11+.

Phase 4A
Two-Day Assessment
£250 Per Course
(Plus £60.00 deposit)
All Day
10.00am - 17.00pm
08th - 09th April 2020
15th - 16th April 2020

Phase 4B
Mock Tests
£60 Per Course or £100 for both
(Plus £50.00 deposit)
Half Day
10.30am - 13.00pm
27th May 2020 and/or
28th May 2020

Phase 4 - Mock Testing

This is an extremely important part of the course. Children are introduced to the notion of working against the clock and are taught the essential strategies to help them manage time effectively. At this stage the children are introduced to the multiple-choice answer format in the current 11+ selection procedures.

A large part of the two-day period is devoted to analysing various types of questions and learning the appropriate methodologies required to find the correct solution. The culmination of the two-day session is an assessment examination set and conducted in a typical 11+ format. The Assessment result and subsequent analysis will be put together in a detailed report for your interest.

*subject to change, as per Bucks County Council directives

Phase 5
£150 Per Course
(Plus £60.00 deposit)
AM - 10.30am - 13.00pm or
PM - 14.00am - 16.30pm
25th April 2020
02nd May 2020
09th May 2020
16th May 2020

Phase 5 - Progression

These sessions are designed for children whose parents would like their child to have a more protracted period of study so to enable him or her to develop the vocabulary, numerical and verbal skills introduced during previous phases. Pupils are gradually introduced to our unique test papers especially designed and formulated to encourage them to utilize the skills and techniques learnt during the Assessment phase.

Phase 6
£250 Per Course
(Plus £60.00 deposit)
AM - 10.30am - 13.00pm or
PM - 14.00am - 16.30pm
06th June 2020
13th June 2020
20th June 2020
27th June 2020
04th July 2020
11th July 2020

Phase 6 - Extension

These sessions are available so that children can build upon and extend their level of skill and understanding achieved during previous phases. The focus is on examination technique and provides the continuity of learning and growth of self-confidence so essential for success.

Towards the end of this phase they will have gained proficiency and experience in tackling examination papers typical of the 11+, through continued exposure to test papers unique to Head Start.

Phase 7
Five-Day Summer School
£500 Per Course
(Plus £85.00 deposit)
All Day
10.00am - 17.00pm
27th - 31st July 2020
03rd - 07th Aug 2020
10th - 14th Aug 2020
17th - 21st Aug 2020

Phase 7 - 5 Day Summer School

The Head Start Summer School is our ‘flagship’ phase of study and represents the heart of the entire Head Start course of education.

Your child will attend the school over a period of five days consisting of over 26 hours of intensive tuition, designed to help prepare children to recognise and answer successfully the full range of question types that are typical of the 11+. This is achieved through a detailed and exhaustive explanation of technique and strategy and on-going examination practice conducted under realistic examination conditions.

The Summer School is a crucial element of our programme of study and is in our opinion VITAL to your child’s overall course of study and their ultimate success

Phase 8
£230 Per Course
(Plus £60.00 deposit)
AM - 09.45am - 13.00pm or
PM - 14.00am - 17.15pm
26th Aug 2020
27th Aug 2020
29th Aug 2020
5th Sept 2020

Phase 8 – Revision

The Revision sessions take place immediately prior to the examination period, providing our students with a ‘running head start’ as they approach the 11+ tests. These sessions are invaluable as they ensure that students not only retain the many vital skills they have acquired in preparing for the 11+, but also provide an opportunity for the children to fine-tune those skills through extensive mock testing and, most importantly, under similar exam conditions. This phase is conducive to a ‘leave no stone unturned’ approach and it is during these sessions that children can gain that extra confidence they need to perform at their very best so is vital at this point in time.

Dates could be subject to change to accommodate the dates of the 11+