The Head Start Formula

Our courses have been devised to specifically meet the needs of a prospective grammar school student. The courses are split into Eight Phases of ‘unique and intensive education at its best’ through weekly classes, summer schools and Mock exams.

All of our phases are designed to stimulate learning and development of a deeper understanding through our own inimitable teaching styles. The eight elements of the course outlined constitute a thorough, structured and well-balanced programme of learning throughout the year that will significantly improve your child’s’ prospects of success. We strongly advise your child’s attendance on all phases of the course, you may consider certain phases of the course more relevant than others.

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The objectives

  1. To enable your child to complete the examination paper within the time allocated, through greater understanding and improved examination technique to consistently achieve a mark that will secure a Grammar School place.
  2. To ensure that your child approaches the 11+ with confidence and self-assurance and fulfils his/her true potential.
  3. To provide a solid foundation and a Head Start for your child in secondary school education.

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Summer Schools

This represents the heart of our course and consists of over 26 hours of intensive 11+ preparation, which is designed to help children recognise and answer successfully the full range of question types that are typical of the 11+. This is achieved through a detailed and exhaustive explanation of technique and strategy and ongoing examination practice conducted under realistic examination conditions. The Summer School is a crucial element of our programme of study and is in our opinion VITAL.

On our Summer Schools we have ‘parent open days’ and an official presentation at the end of the week to acknowledge you childs’ efforts and achievements.


The Head Start Staff

We are very proud of the high standards we set ourselves at Head Start, and equally as proud of the excellent results achieved by our pupils. To maintain the standards of Head Start, it is our policy to only recruit the very best teachers. To teach in such a specialised field, it is a prerequisite that all members of the teaching staff meet the very specific requirements needed to work for Head Start.

You can be rest assured, that the staff at Head Start are of the highest calibre. All our teachers are caring, experienced, interesting, entertaining, and efficient, and every one devoted to your childs’ individual needs.

Care and safety are of the highest priority at Head Start. There is always both a male and a female member of staff present at all times. First Aid equipment is always on site and a number of staff possess certificates in first aid and child protection.